2020-10-10 06:23:00 | Saturday rashifal 10 October 2020 daily horoscope in hindi pranita deshmukh dainik rashifal rashifal in hindi daily horoscope | Changes in work can give some stress, in the case of health, there may be some days to be careful

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  • There are signs of some change in job for Aries people
  • The day is to help life partner for Taurus
  • For Gemini people, the day can be a family conflict

According to the Tarot horoscope on Saturday, October 10, 2020, for 9 out of 12 zodiac signs, the day can be very impressive in many cases. For some people, it is time for a life partner to succeed. Some people have to take more care of their health. At the same time, the time for 3 zodiac signs is going to be simple. There are signs of some changes in the job for the people of Aries, for those who are in Taurus, the day is to help their spouse, for Gemini people, the day may be family differences Know how the day will be for you from Tarot Card reader Pranitha Deshmukh.

  • Aries – EIGHT OF CUPS

It is time to forget the past and move forward. Today is the day for you to forgive and forgive someone. Do not test the incidents that occurred in childhood again and again, use the lessons you have learned. You cannot change what has been left out of your hands, but you can definitely change the future by your actions.
Career A job change can hurt.
Love – There will be a change in life with the partner.
Health – Changes in health will be seen.

With the help of will, you will get favorable conditions. Changes in the body can be a cause for concern. Even after feeling unwell you will not let your goal go away. Seriousness and dedication of mind can set an example for others. Avoid fire and hot things.
Career The will of the seniors will remain.
Love – Partner may need guidance.
Health – The body will continue to ache in some way.

  • Gemini – THE HERMIT

There will be resentment due to things against the mind. Commentary from others can lead to loss of confidence. The more time you spend thinking, the more trouble will increase. So listen to everyone, do your mind. There may also be differences with the family. This is not the time to look deeper.
Career Avoiding needless advice at work place.
Love – There will remain concern about love life.
Health – Health will be fine.

Try to stay connected to the Feminine energy inside you. After 12 noon, problems will be resolved. Pay attention to your body health. You are ready to achieve your goal and work hard on it, but not giving up with health can lead to a decrease in productivity.
Career In your work you can move to a higher position quickly.
LoveAnd life will need attention.
Health – Surya Namaskar will keep energy in the body.

  • Singh – THE CHARIOT

Decisions related to travel may change. If the journey is for personal work then mental distress will be encountered and success in work related journey can be achieved. To achieve progress related to life, it will be necessary to bring stability in mind. You may become disturbed because of a question on your ability. You have to answer with your success.
Career In spite of progress in work, proper credit will not be received.
Love – You will increase attraction towards a person of a different nature.
Health – Pain related to the shoulder and neck can be painful.

  • Virgo – SIX OF SWORDS

There will be restlessness in the mind due to stress of work and responsibility. Slow progress in work will test your restraint. Despite meeting people, you will still be lonely. Do not let the bad mood affect others. Especially on the children of the family. Practice mindfulness for peace of mind and solution.
Career Employers will benefit from the new project.
Love – The concern will remain because of the partner.
Health – Do spinal exercises.

  • Libra – KING OF CUPS

Your energy is being affected by the surrounding environment. Stay away from negative talkers. If you are not in a position to help others, keep yourself away from such a situation. Every time your desire to guide and help is hurting you. Do not let personal life be ignored.
Career Fear in the mind can prevent progress in work.
Love – Differences with partner will increase concern.
Health – Problems of phlegm can be painful.

  • Scorpio – TEMPERANCE

Use personal experience to be a guide to others. While helping others, you will also get mental enjoyment and a solution to your problem. Due to having solutions in life, progress will also be easily achieved. Focus will remain on the work. Irritability can be felt due to frequent changes in mood.
Career Focus on students studying science.
Love – Unmarried people continue to try for marriage.
Health – Silence of the Sun will improve health.

  • Sagittarius – EIGHT OF SWORDS

There will be concern about work. Until the work is done, you will feel restless. If work is taking too long or you are stopping work without any reason, then burn camphor instead of work, positive energy will remain. Disputes related to the family will begin to be resolved. There may be some financial worry.
Career – With the guidance of someone, work will get direction.
Love – Partner support will be important.
Health – Acidity can cause headaches.

  • Capricorn – FOUR OF WANDS

There will be a sudden positive change in work and personal things. Seeing your dream come true, the family will enjoy with you. Unmarried people can celebrate the happiness of getting married to the person they want. The decision of the property deal or court will be in your favor. Media people will make progress.
Career There will be economic benefit in trade.
Love – Progress will be achieved with the partner.
Health – Pain associated with bone will be relieved.

  • Aquarius – TWO OF SWORDS

The dilemma in everything can increase irritability. Today, you may have to put your thoughts away and make decisions according to others. Giving importance to people’s opinions may make you feel like saying no to yourself. It will be good for you to step back in some things. There will be an arbitrary stressful environment of the elders of the family.
Career – Do not be hasty in decisions related to work.
Love – Decisions may be delayed due to lack of consensus among the partner.
Health – There will be discomfort associated with the eyes.


You are hurting yourself along with others because of your talk and decision. Feelings of revenge can harm you. You may face mental stress due to re-introduction in the past. The things you said can be introduced in some other way. Stay away from gossip.
Career Do not treat people related to work financially for personal things.
Love – Do not ignore the mistakes of the partner.
Health – The effect of gastric treble will remain on the body.


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