23+ Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend of 2021

 Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend: If you are looking for a birthday present for a girl, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find many ideas and lists of gifts to give your girlfriend for her birthday, as well as tips and what is best not to give.

Deciding what to give a girl for her birthday doesn’t work instantly. This choice reveals the true attitude of the donor to the birthday girl. You cannot pick up a piece of jewelry, collectible, or new device in one go. So that you can find the perfect answer to the question of what to present to your beloved on this special day, we have collected hundreds of the best gift ideas for a girl for her birthday.

23+ Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

To understand what you can give a girl for her birthday, remember the birthday girl’s rhythm of life, her favorite activities, hobbies, and even principles. In addition, it will be important to remember at what stage of development your romance is.

23+ Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend of 2021
23+ Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend of 2021

What can be given to lovers in a long-term relationship cannot always be given at the very beginning of a romance or due to the age of the birthday girl. So, for example, ideas of what to give a girl for her 18th birthday will be radically different from the spectrum of ideas for a gift to a lady of the heart, if she is just 15-16 years old or even 25-30 years old.

The main thing that a birthday present for a girl from a guy should remember is its originality, romance, and concern for the well-being of her beloved.

1. Jewelry Box or Organizer

A good gift for a teenage girl. At this age, young ladies never like before to dress themselves up with all kinds of jewelry. Often their storage is reduced to being on all kinds of surfaces in the house. Thus, your gift will greatly facilitate the life of households living in the same territory as the birthday girl and will allow her not to lose her treasures but to store them in a specially designated place carefully.

2. Bright Beautiful Umbrella

A practical and original gift for a girl. It can be a model from a fashion boutique or a version with a 3D print. If you want, you can complement your beloved’s birthday present with your own image – such an individual umbrella can be ordered from companies that print on mugs, magnets, and T-shirts.

3. A Ring

For the birthday of your beloved girl 18-24 years old, you can give a gold or silver ring. Many girls love precious jewelry – most likely, your beloved will be happy with such a gift. Of course, the ring doesn’t have to be an engagement ring, but it will be a great gift if you have a serious relationship.

4. High-quality Camera

Thinking about what to give your girlfriend for her birthday, take a look at the present in the form of an expensive camera. This device can be used for yourself or, if you wish, to develop in the presented direction and become a real professional in the future. Whichever way the hero of the occasion chooses, the camera will, in any case, find application in her hands.

5. Phone Case

To order this accessory today is not a problem; the main thing is to find someone who will do the job as efficiently as possible. With such a case, your darling’s smartphone will look unique and stylish.

6. Shower Radio

An original gift for a musical girl. The desire to sing in the shower sometimes forces girls to take their phones or radio with them, which is not at all safe. A waterproof device, in this case, will be a real salvation.

7. Bathroom Table

After an eventful day in hot water, with her favorite book or drink, the girl wants to soak up both at the age of 17 and at the age of 30.

8. Set for drawing with bodies

You can master this kind of art immediately, as soon as you are alone. It is worth giving such a gift to a girl for her birthday at least 18.

9. 3D Bracelet

Use modern technology to bring joy to your soul mate once again. Even at the age of 30, a girl will wear such a piece of jewelry with pride, especially if you add a beautiful declaration of love to the product.

10. Pencils for drawing on glass

You can draw castles in the air with such a gift anywhere. Glass in a house, apartment, dacha, train, a car will become a canvas for your girlfriend’s creativity. When the drawing is no longer needed, it can be easily erased from the glass surface.

11. Bell for kissing

Even at the age of 20, a girl dreams of a romantic gift. Why not give her such a funny souvenir.

Just be ready to come to the call of the bell or the bell at any time. Otherwise, a more responsive guy may take your place.

12. Album of your photos

Collaborating digitally is great. But what if you print out the best shots and create a scrapbook out of them, especially for the girl’s birthday with your own hands? It will not require a lot of expenses, and the experience of the gift will be amazing!

Use these ideas and develop your own imagination to find the perfect AR surprise for your girlfriend. And, of course, we continue the conversation about what an unusual offering can be used to slay a beloved on her birthday.

13. Smart alarm clock

To feel refreshed and energized throughout the day, you need a comfortable sleep. Such an alarm clock will be a real discovery for a girl who hardly lifts her head from the pillow in the morning.

It is adjusted according to individual desires. For example, you can fall asleep listening to your favorite musical composition. The light in the room will gradually fade. An hour before the appointed time, the lighting will change, awakening will be natural and pleasant.

14. Pocket face moisturizer

The skin often needs hydration: in summer, when it is very hot, in winter, during the heating season. Water is not always at hand, and you don’t want to spoil your makeup. In this case, the girl will need an ultrasonic portable facial humidifier.

15. You can charge it from any gadget

They fill the device with purified water and use mineral water. And during active work, the humidifier is highlighted in different colors, which cannot but cheer you up.

16. Crayon mug

An original cup on which you can draw, write, take notes. This is a kind of mini-board with a crayon included.

Before handing it over, write something of your own, draw a drawing or cartoon. It will make an even greater impression. Such a cup will make your meal more enjoyable and enjoyable, will not forget the thought or idea that came suddenly.

17. Selfie LED ring

Many girls cannot live a day without selfies, and if your hero of the occasion is one of them, consider that you have already decided on a present for the DR. Thanks to this invention, the images are of high quality regardless of the time of day.

The ring is easily attached, fits any phone, fits in a purse or even a pocket.

18. Campfire tripod

If the hero of the occasion loves going out of town, she will appreciate such a gift. A capacious pot will perfectly complement this offering.

19. A set of art tools

The art lover will be happy to add new colors to her palette or try out double-sided sketch pens.

20. Calligraphy paper, pens, and brushes

This kind of art is winning more and more fans every day. For your girlfriend to comprehend it, choose the best materials for her. Or maybe you will join her activities, which are so similar to meditation?

21. Long pillow

It is better known as a loneliness pillow. This is a long (almost full-length) decorative pillow that is pleasant to hug. Since it can take many forms, it is very comfortable to sleep with it. If desired, you can apply a photo, any other image, or inscription on it.

22. Magnetic holder for cosmetics

This requires a frame, a magnetic board, and a magnetic jar tape. Insert a magnetic board into the frame, cover it with a cloth or wallpaper. Stick the magnetic stripe to the cans and tubes.

23. Organizer for needlework

It will require a high stool, wheels for furniture, strong pouches-pockets with ties. Turn the stool over, fix the wheels on the seat. Tie the pouches to the rungs of the stool.


Guests at a birthday party present flowers to the birthday girl at the entrance and gifts are usually placed in a specially designated place for this. Remember that if your girlfriend lives with her parents, you need to bring two bouquets of flowers. One of them is for the birthday girl and the second for the mistress of the house.

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