Best 26+ Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife of 2021

 Thinking about the best great creative and last minute 40th birthday gift ideas for wife or what to give their beloved wife for their 40th birthday, many husbands get lost in the variety of goods on store shelves and begin to think in a panic that they will never be able to find a suitable present. That is why the question “what can you give your wife for 40 years? “Requires a serious approach and consideration of many nuances.

Best 26+ Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

A selection of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for wife that can be presented to wife turning 40. A large selection of unusual 40th birthday gifts for the birthday, which will surprise and delight your spouse. Practical, solid, and memorable birthday gifts for your wife.

Best 26+ Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife of 2021
Best 26+ Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife of 2021

Every year a married man thinks about the question of what to give his beloved wife for his birthday. And if we are talking about the jubilee – the fortieth birthday, then the question becomes quite relevant.

Many men strive to present the best birthday gift ideas for wife turning 40 – a significant date for any woman. At this age, the fair sex is fully revealed in all spheres of life: professional growth, marriage, children, and home comfort. But at the same time, she is still young and active, so a loving husband, when choosing what to give his wife for 40 years, should take into account many nuances.

Below are collected ideas for various directions – from classic 40th birthday gifts that will please any woman to unusual birthday gifts for an extraordinary lady who has everything. After all, such a significant celebration for a wife requires an appropriate frame!

1. Smartwatch – 40th birthday gift ideas for wife

Smartwatch that allows you to track the physiological indicators of a person.

2. Glasses

Expensive glasses (for improving vision or protection from sunlight) or a certificate in optics, if you are afraid to make a mistake with the shape and style of the product.

3. Anatomical pillow

Anatomical pillow with memory effect, which takes the shape of the wearer’s body under the influence of human heat, due to which it normalizes the blood supply to the head and relieves the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

4. Bouquet of chocolates

When choosing which flowers to give your wife for the 40th birthday, keep in mind that your beloved wife, who loves sweets, flowers, and a non-standard approach at the same time, will definitely like such a present. Unlike flower arrangements, you can first admire enough of such a bouquet and then enjoy its taste. Such a thoughtful 40th birthday gift ideas can be given a symbolic heart shape or placed in a large basket.

5. A set of spacious boxes for needlework

The item in question is considered universal since people with various hobbies will appreciate its functionality, be it sewing, beading, knitting, modeling, decoupage, etc.

6. Illuminated makeup mirror

An illuminated makeup mirror is an unusual 40th birthday gift for your soulmate. Any woman dreams of such a mirror. Firstly, it looks very stylish, and secondly, it allows you to make perfect makeup.

7. Cosmetic set

The cosmetic set is a last-minute 40th birthday gift with care, dear to his wife. Since ancient times, Beauties have kept their beauty without expensive cosmetics.

And the secret was in natural recipes. This set contains a completely natural composition of bee products, herbs, and oils, in a beautiful wooden box. This set will be a great 40th birthday gift ideas for wife.

8. Jewelry

A pendant in the form of the first letter of the name, a bracelet with charms, and symbols can be a great 40th birthday gift ideas for wife.

9. Smart ring

This is a great opportunity to distract yourself from your phone, not to strain while waiting for an important call or message. Jewelry will vibrate or change color at the right time.

The ring can perform all the functions of a tracker-bracelet: count calories, number of steps taken per day, etc. The product is equipped with a GPS navigator and an SOS panic button. The ring can be silver, gold, with or without precious stones. This is a great gift for a dear wife.

10. Flashlight

A cool 40th birthday gift ideas for wife and a must-have for any woman, Even the batteries in such a flashlight do not need to be changed. When walking, kinetic energy is converted into battery energy.

The product can be attached in several ways: with a clip – to the edge of a bag, pocket, or internal partition, and with a special string – to a bag handle or a zipper slider. A woman can easily find the thing she needs in her bag without wasting time and nerves.

11. Beauty pillow

A bedding set that completely repeats the contours of the face, thereby preventing pressure on the skin. As a result, a woman can avoid morning swelling, the appearance of wrinkles, and pillow marks on her face.

An original 40th birthday gift ideas for wife for 40 years, who pay a lot of attention to her appearance. The set includes a special pillowcase that protects the pillow and provides it with long-term storage.

12. Instant camera

Dinner, sunset, the flutter of candles, all this must be captured for memory. If your beloved wife loves to photograph and keep memorable moments, then such a present will definitely come in handy.

13. Honey candles
They are made from herbs and beeswax. In addition to the fact that candles are very fragrant and beautiful, they are also very useful: they prevent colds, increase immunity, and improve mood!
14. Romantic Boardgame

The romantic board game for lovers will allow you to plunge into a romantic atmosphere and become even closer to your friend-friend.

15. Ultrasonic toothbrush

An ultrasonic toothbrush is a great electric gadget from your spouse—a device for professional oral care, at home, with comfort.

The next category of birthday gift ideas for wife turning 40 will be appreciated by practical women, as well as those who take care of their appearance and do not pass by popular trends in personal care.

16. Home simulator

The top of the best exercise equipment for women includes stepper, treadmill, ellipse, exercise bike, rowing machine. Each of them, with regular training, will help maintain yourself in good physical shape, give a full load on the entire body, the ability to lose a few extra pounds.

Any woman will be glad to have the opportunity to look great without leaving home, so this is a great present from her husband.

17. An electric toothbrush

A device that will help maintain oral hygiene. The brush is equipped with a built-in motor that drives the bristles; they actively move and vibrate.

Such an accessory qualitatively cleans the enamel and space between the teeth, and their cleaning turns into a pleasant experience—a good gift for a 40-year-old wife who cares about her health.

18. Stone therapy hot stones

This procedure allows you to restore both physical and emotional health. And if earlier it was necessary to visit special salons for this, now a woman will be able to enjoy a pleasant session at home and at any convenient time.

The alternate use of cold and hot stones has a positive effect on certain points and starts important processes in the body. Do not hesitate, and this is a suitable birthday gift ideas for 40 year old wife.

19. Selfie ring for a smartphone

Selfie ring for a smartphone is a device for the most beautiful and unique selfies—an ideal gift for a blogger wife or just a lover of photography.

Special LEDs create studio lighting, and its compact size makes it easy to carry in your purse. With such an unusual 40th birthday gift for wife, the spouse will create bomb shots!

20. Inflatable bath pillow

This is a present from the category of “inexpensive, but useful”. The soft and resilient headrest allows you to relax and fully enjoy the pleasant aromas of foam or oils.

With the help of such a pillow, you can relieve tension in the upper spine, improve blood circulation, and relax your shoulders—a convenient product characterized by practicality and easy maintenance.

21. Illuminated pocket mirror

A woman will be able to correct make-up errors at any time, even if there is not enough lighting in the room. Such a product is convenient to use in the office, while traveling, at home.

This elegant and compact mirror looks beautiful and fits in the smallest purse or pocket. It’s a good idea what to give your wife for 40 years.

22. Jade roller massager

Jade roller massager is a universal thing for the beauty of a woman’s skin. Any spouse will be pleasantly surprised.

The accessory literally smoothes wrinkles right before our eyes, improves microcirculation, refreshes the complexion, and restores skin elasticity.

23. USB portable smoothie blender

It works on a battery; with such a device, you can prepare a delicious drink (milkshake, smoothie, or protein shake) anywhere and at any time.

This is a suitable gift for a woman who leads a healthy lifestyle and tries to eat right. It is compact in size, so it fits in a backpack or women’s bag.

24. Bottle juicer 2 in 1
With such a gift, the wife will be able to prepare a smoothie, juice, or cocktail in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its compact size, you can take it anywhere: to work, on the road, on a picnic. A spouse adhering to a healthy lifestyle will be delighted!

25. Sewing machine

This is the dream of a real needlewoman and jack of all trades. You will not upset your wife if you are serious about choosing a 40th birthday gift for wife.

Buy a machine only in a specialized store before deciding on a model, read user reviews about it, pay attention to the functions that will really come in handy for your beloved.

26. Electric facial cleansing brush

Regular use of such a device will allow you to achieve high results. The brush perfectly copes with blackheads’ problem, helps get rid of acne, gets rid of oily sheen, and replaces many salon procedures.

When using it, you do not need to perform special preparatory procedures, and complex care is also not required after. Your wife is guaranteed to be pleased with such a present.

What to Give Your Wife for 40 Years – (Romantic Gifts)

By visiting any forum dedicated to the choice of a gift for your beloved wife’s birthday, you will see that the fairer sex, most of all, value romantic 40th birthday gift ideas for wife. Good examples of such gifts are:

Bouquet of chocolates

When choosing which flowers to give your wife for the 40th birthday, keep in mind that your beloved wife, who loves sweets, flowers, and a non-standard approach at the same time, will definitely like such a present. Unlike flower arrangements, you can first admire enough of such a bouquet and then enjoy its taste. Such a gift can be given a symbolic heart shape or placed in a large basket;

Breakfast in bed

Many women write on the forum that their dreams are quite mundane, and one of them is that their beloved men at least occasionally bring them breakfast in bed. So why not turn the birthday of your beloved into a great occasion for such an act? The described beginning of the day will create a festive atmosphere in the house, and a light breakfast in the form of coffee with a bun will save the birthday girl from the need to cook and will bring a smile to her face.

A weekend trip

Having decided that giving your wife such a surprise for 40 years is a brilliant idea, you can choose an option that suits you – from traveling abroad to the excursion to an unfamiliar city within your country. At the same time, it is important to pursue the goal of “having a romantic weekend and enjoying each other,” not “learning new things about a new place”;

Joint pastime in the spa complex

The 40th birthday requires maximum attention and care for the hero of the occasion from the beloved man. Remember that most likely, your beloved wife has had to work hard and do household chores lately.

Best Choose What to Give Your Beloved Wife for the 40th Birthday

Often, many men are confused not even by the lack of suitable presents on store shelves, but, on the contrary, by their excessive variety. In this case, deciding on a gift turns out to be a real problem. To avoid such a situation, we advise you to be guided by the following recommendations when choosing:

  • Do not delay with the choice of presentation. Start your search as early as possible, and this will make it possible to find several possible options and, in the comparison process, choose exactly what you need;
  • If you decide to give preference to practical things, try to collect several items at once, rather than donating one of them. Such a present will look original and, at the same time, have high functionality. For example, a can of elite coffee can act as an addition to a coffee maker;
  • When choosing, take into account all the features of your beloved: character traits, hobbies, health, tastes, etc.

When you already have the perfect gift in your hands, it’s time to take care of its proper presentation. Be sure to pamper the hero of the occasion with a beautiful bouquet of flowers – this will give your presentation a special sophistication.

What flowers to give your wife for 40 years – you should decide on your own, because it all depends on the birthday girl’s preferences. It is also important to think about its stylish design in the form of wrapping paper or a gift bag. The final and no less serious moment is the correct congratulatory words spoken at the time of delivery of the thing.

What Should Not Be Given to a Spouse for the 40th Birthday

Obviously, a woman will be happy to receive any gift from her beloved man. However, not all presents are equally capable of causing delight and admiration in the birthday girl’s eyes often, and these emotions are replaced by condescending gratitude. Refusal from:

  • Items that are considered bad omens to be delivered (watches, sharp objects, empty wallets, handkerchiefs, pearl accessories, mirrors, icons, etc.);
  • Alcohol (this can embarrass the spouse in front of other guests and offend her);
  • Scales, cosmetics, and everything that might hint at flaws in the appearance (except for cases when the spouse herself asked to give her this or that thing);
  • Perfume, clothes (it is very easy to make a mistake in choosing such items and, thus, to cause disappointment on the part of the hero of the occasion – it is better to give her a certificate for their purchase);
  • Pets (even if your darling squeals with delight at the sight of kittens and puppies, you should not rush to conclusions – not everyone is ready for the additional hassle and costs associated with maintaining new pets);
  • “Duty” gifts in the form of ready-made cosmetic sets, sweets, tea, tasteless souvenirs, etc. (such banal presents that can be given to almost any birthday person will demonstrate to the woman your indifference and lack of desire to waste time looking for a worthwhile present).


Entering the fifth decade of their lives, the representatives of the beautiful seck expect special deeds and 40th birthday gift ideas for wife from their men that can prove all the warmth of their feelings for their chosen ones. On this day, a woman should feel like never before, loved and by no means aging, and the fulfillment of this task falls, first of all, on the shoulders of a loving spouse.

To do this, you should start looking for the perfect presentation in advance, but if for some reason it was not possible to do this, use the tips above, and the birthday girl will not notice the catch.

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