Home Insurance with TD Insurance

Protect your home and belongings with coverage that suits your needs. Most insurance policies set specific limits, but we have a better way:

Home Insurance
Home Insurance
Only TD Insurance offers the Million Dollar Solution®, so you can enjoy the flexibility of one overall amount of coverage for your home, belongings and additional living expenses. This covers the replacement or repair of your home and belongings. It also covers your extra living expenses, so you can stay somewhere comfortable if you can’t stay in your home. Ready to get the coverage that’s right for you? Get a home insurance quote today.

Home Coverage for your house

It’s not just your house, it’s the place you call home. That’s why we cover:
All risks: Covers your home and belongings against all causes of loss—except those directly mentioned as exclusions in your policy.

Water damage coverage
 Be protected with additional coverage for your home from extensive water damage from a variety of water-related scenarios. Covers events which cause water damage by sewer back up and sump overflow, below ground seepage through foundations and floors, and overland water from any stream or body of freshwater which enters the home.
Extended Water Damage Coverage: Get extra coverage against water backing up from sewers or septic tanks and against overland water from any stream or body of freshwater which enters the home.
Rebuilding to code: Additional costs to repair or rebuild your home to code are covered up to the amount of coverage.
Personal liability: You’re protected in case a visitor gets injured inside your home, or if you’ve accidentally damaged someone’s property and have to pay for the damages.
Additional living expenses: Includes temporary accommodations so you can stay somewhere comfortable if you cannot stay at home.
Legal and home assistance*: Bundled Home & Car insurance comes with free advice from lawyers and a network of home contractors.

Enhanced Home Coverage for your house

In addition to the coverage listed above, you can get Enhanced Home Coverage for even more protection. Find out more details when you get a home insurance quote:
Family coverage : Protection for situations like cyberbullying and parents living in nursing homes.
Eco-efficient rebuild: Provides additional coverage above and beyond the cost of repairs to allow for eco-efficient upgrades following a covered loss.
Claim forgiveness : When your policy renews, your premium won’t increase after you make your first claim.
Enhanced limitations: Increases the amount of coverage for high-value items, such as fine art, wine, spirits, some collectibles, jewellery and more.

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