How To Make A Car Insurance Claim

 Even the most cautious and experienced drivers can find themselves shaken up on the side of the road, assessing damage after an accident. So if you ever have to file an auto insurance claim, it’s useful to understand how the process works.

Before you submit a claim, it’s good to know information about your auto insurance policy, such as the coverage types you have and your deductible amount. If you’ll be making a collision or comprehensive insurance claim, check whether you also have rental reimbursement coverage to cover the cost of a rental car during repairs.

Car Insurance Claim
Car Insurance Claim

The best car insurance companies combine good service, including a satisfactory claims experience, at a reasonable price.

What to Expect When Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

While your claims experience can vary based on your accident, here are a few things to expect.

You’ll need to provide details about the accident. After an accident, your auto insurance company will likely want the names of those involved, insurance details for the other vehicles involved, the location, photos of the damage, a copy of the accident report and more. You may be able to file a virtual claim directly from your insurer’s mobile app.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Get repair estimates. Insurance companies will send out an adjuster to estimate the loss—unless you’re able to get a virtual estimate. The adjuster will assess who was at fault and give an estimate for repairs. You may want to get more than one repair quote.

Complete vehicle repairs. Insurance companies cannot require you to complete repairs at a specific shop. But if they feel the estimate for repairs at a designated shop is too high, they may request another estimate. Some insurance companies will pay the repair shop directly, while others will reimburse you.

If your car is totaled, your insurance company will pay the actual cash value of the vehicle (the depreciated value of the car). Cars are generally considered “totaled” when repair costs exceed a certain percentage of the car’s value, such as 75%. These thresholds vary by state.

Types of Auto Insurance Claims

Some of the most common types of auto insurance claims include.

Rear-end collisions

Parking lot accidents

Collisions at intersections

Theft and vandalism

Windshield damage

Weather-related damage

Back injury


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