How to Start Blogging in {2021} – Start A Blog Full Information

How to start blogging 2020 – blog is best online earning method you can earn millions of dollars earn from here.


How to Start Blogging in {2021} – Start A Blog Full Information
Start Blogging in hindi

What is Blog ?

In a simple way, a blog is a personal website in which you can share your knowledge in the whole world. Via blogging

Who is Blogger?

The person who manages his blog and works in it like writing posts, promoting and in simple way, the blog whose blog is called Blogger.

What is Blogging?

The complete knowledge that is required to run and manage a blog is called blogging.

How much money can you earn from blogging?

By the way, there is no perfect answer but it completely depends on your hard work that how much you can earn and the more users will come to your blog, the more you will earn if you work with interest from yourself. You can earn a lot of money.

How to start blogging step by step complete information make money online with a blog

Here I will tell you step by step all the ways to start blogging, from which you can earn money sitting at home, I will tell you in simple and easy steps, by following which you can become a blogger and make your own identity in the world of internet. Can.

Next Step 1 – Select Best Niche / Topic for your blog

The first and most important task is to find and select a topic for your blog. Finding a topic for a blog is not a difficult task. You can choose a topic according to your interest. And you can write about it and make your blog like Story, Technology, etc. You can choose any of your topics.

Next Step 2 – How to choose Platform?

Although there are many platforms available for blogging on the Internet, but two platforms are running a lot, the most used platform is WordPress and then comes Blogger (

If you are a new user then I would suggest you Blogger Use it because it is free and easy and after you have good knowledge, you use WordPress, it is a professional and it will have its own domain and hosting, but for this you must first get domain and hosting. Must Purchase hosting from here

Next Step 3 – How to design your blog?

Should keep the design of your blog a little more simple because it is very important to engage your user and make it easy to read. You can use many pre-designed themes. You can find it on both platforms. Blogger and WordPress.

Next Step 4 – Which pages should your blog have?

About Us – In this page, you have to give information about yourself and the blog. Contact Us – You can enter your contact details here or you can also use the contact form.

Privacy Policy – This page is very important if you use Google’s service, then you enter the privacy policy of your blog.

Next Step 5 – How to write articles / posts?

When your blog is fully setup, then after you start writing posts in your blog, the more valuable articles in your blog, the more visitors will be more attractive and traffic will also be more and more traffic means you will earn more your blog. Write and publish helpfull articles for.

Next Step 6 – SEO (Search engine optimization)

If you create a blog, then seo is very important for that because with the help of seo you can rank your post and blog. For seo, you will find many websites which give you by doing seo but it will cost you, so you have a seo tool from godaddy which you can take, it is easy and also cheap. In which godaddy will help you in seo.

Next Step 7 – How to Monetize a Blog?

Monetize means to advertise in your blog to earn money, you can earn money using google adsense.
But there are other sources through which you can earn money.
Direct Advertising, Affiliatie Marketing, Services, etc. You can also increase your blog’s earnings through it. Your earnings depend on the traffic of your blog.

Next Step 8 – How to increase traffic in your blog?

You can use Facebook to increase the traffic of your blog, because Facebook is a huge network and millions of people reach it every day.
You can create a campaign on Facebook, you can run this campaign according to your budget.

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