National Girl Child Day 2020: 10 empowering quotes, wishes, SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp status to share with your loved ones

National Girl Child Day is observed on the 24th of January to combat social discrimination and exploitation girls face every day of their lives. The Women and Child Development Ministry started this day in 2008 with the purpose to spread awareness among people about all the inequalities girls face in the Indian society.

This day is celebrated by organizing awareness camps, discussions, and programs on child sex ratios, Save the Girl Child campaign, importance of education, and by simply creating a safe environment for a girl child. On this day, let us step forward to make sure we create a better future for the girl children in India. Here are a few quotes to empower these girls and to celebrate National Girl Child Day.

1. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave – to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential.” – Malala Yousafzai

2. “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” -Margaret Thatcher

3. “Little girls dance their way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, scattering gold dust and kisses in our paths” -Anonymous

4. “The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Women of indomitable will.” -Amy Tenny

5. “Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.” -Bethany Hamilton

“When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.” -Michelle Obama ( Instagram/ snehalayauk )

6. “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.” -Kavita Ramdas

7. “A baby girl is one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today.” -Anonymous

8. “Smiling face of every little girl is the signature of God’s presence.” -Amit Ray

9. “When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.” -Michelle Obama

10. “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” -William Shakespeare

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