National Girl Child Day 2020: Know why our daughters hold the key to a better future

Every year on January 24, India celebrates the National Girl Child Day
This day is celebrated to ensure that women are heard, helped and supported in society
In 2019, the theme of the event was ‘Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow’

Every year, National Girl Child Day is celebrated on January 24 across the country. This day was first celebrated in 2008- after the Ministry of Women and Children Development and the government took the decision of increasing awareness regarding the struggles faced by women.

In 2019, the theme of the event was ‘Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow’. The event focuses on the atrocities faced by women in society due to orthodox and patriarchal beliefs. It intends to create an environment of equality in society and a layout where no gender or race sits on a pedestal and enjoys privilege over others. This event is crucial for changing the flawed fabric of society and crafting an approach that creates opportunities for women.

For years, women have been dominated in the country in several ways. From being forced to act as sex workers to being subjected to abuse inside their homes, women in India have been raised to endure, struggle and stay mum about their scars. In some parts of the country, the girl child is seen as a curse while males are hailed as heroes. Over the past few years, a shift in gender roles and thought process has been observed.

On the professional front, women are claiming their position and are shattering the glass ceiling with their expertise and skilful thinking. Psychological studies have proved that women are better at handling difficult situations than men. Increased emotional intelligence in women helps them in making informed and well-thought decisions in times of distress. Armed with the emotional strength that was once tagged as ‘weak’, women have proved their mettle both, inside and outside cubicles.

Not only this, there is an influx of women in different industries and sectors. Increased participation of women in society is proof of the fact that they are determined to claim victory as theirs. One of the most important examples of change is the #MeToo movement that took place in India and exposed entitled men who had been clogging several industries. Years of oppression has given women a better understanding of society and rights. Women lack complacence that shrouds several patriarchal minds and the same prompts them to achieve and cherish their victories.

Not only this, women are leading change in several parts of the world. Women can be seen voicing slogans of change during protests, they can be seen quashing social norms and advocating equality. While it cannot be denied that change is taking place, it must be noted that a catalyst is needed to propel it in the correct direction. With barbaric instances of rape and orthodox practices like child marriage and female infanticide still in play, women of India have miles to go before the social picture changes for the better

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