[New] How To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser ?

 How To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser ? – Due to the lock down, many people are working online from home, for which they have to use the Internet. These days many people use Google Chrome Browser. Due to more usage of Internet, Google Chrome Browser Slow starts working, due to which their work also becomes Slow.


[New] How To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser ?
Google Chrome Browser

At such a time, they need someone who can overcome their problem. While in office, the technical team sees this problem, but at home you have to solve this problem. That’s why in this article we will tell you how to speed up Google Chrome Browser?

What Is Google Chrome ?

Google Chrome Browser is a browser through which you can do Internet Browsing. This Browser is developed by Google and is the most used Web Browser in the world. Through this browser you can open any search engine on the Internet as well as open any website. Not only this, you can also download any file through Browser. This Browser gives you Fast Speed ​​and better downloading experience than any other Web Browser.

How To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser ?

Often we use the Internet a lot, due to which Cache Files are stored in our Web Browser, due to which Browser Slow starts working. If you delete these files then the speed of your Chrome Browser will increase. Now you need to know how to delete Cache Files from Google Chrome Browser?

How To Delete Cache Files With Google Chrome Browser ?
If you want to delete Cache Files from Google Chrome Browser, you can do this by following the procedure described below.

If you are using Chrome Browser on a PC, open it first. Now you will see three horizontal dots in the right and top corner of the address bar and click on it. As soon as you click on it, the option of Settings will appear at the bottom and click on it.

After this, the new page will open, at the bottom of it you will see the option of Advance Settings, after clicking on it, many options will open up. Here, you click on the privacy option. Content Settings will be written at the top, click on it.

A new tab will open as soon as you click on Content Settings, in which you will get the option to delete Cache Files. Here you will come to know about the things for which you have done Allow.

After this, press the back button and return to Content Settings and right here and you will see Clear Browsing Data written. If you want to delete the entire data and extension of Web Browser, you can delete it from here.

If you click on Clear Browsing Data, then Cache Files, Cookies, Data, Save Passwords, Search History, etc. will all be deleted simultaneously.

After doing this, your Internet Browser Fast will start working. From here it can also be selected how many days before you have to delete the data.

You can delete the entire data of 1 hour, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks before or according to you.

For your information, if you open different Browser, then it installs a lot of cookies on your Browser, which increases the loading on your Internet Browser and it starts working fast. Although Cache Files and Cookies do not harm your computer, but it makes Web Browser a little slow.

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