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Slogans on Children’s Day: On the fourteenth day of November month of every year, Children’s Day is celebrated in India. This day is also called Bal Diwas. After the Indian Independence, from 1959 till before 1964, Children’s Day was celebrated on 20th November.

After Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, the Indian government and the people decided to celebrate Children’s Day on Pandit Nehru’s birthday. This was done to commemorate him and his contributions to the children of India. Jawaharlal Nehru was very fond of children. Because of his love and adoration towards children, Chacha Nehru did a lot of good deeds for the Indian children and youth after Independence.

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Slogans On Children’s Day In English

Children’s Day is celebrated across the world in almost all countries. According to the UN, Children’s Day is globally celebrated on the 20th of November every year. However, just like India, many other countries celebrate Children’s Day on a different date than the UN’s. Every year, the main idea behind celebrating Children’s Day is to raise awareness about children’s fundamental rights, care, and education.

Children’s Day is celebrated across the nation in schools through various cultural and fun activities. Government and non-government organizations, institutions, NGOs, private bodies, etc. conduct programs, campaigns, and competitions for the children to make them aware of their role in the society, teach them about the rights, and give them another reason to be cheerful. Media also helps make this day special for children, and parents join the fun of this day.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Children’s Day

Slogans are the one-liner for-bearer that strives to impact people and brings positive change. Slogans are catchy and are capable of conveying awareness messages to the elders and the youth of society. We are providing a few slogans on Children’s Day because it is essential for people to know how children impact the future of society and the future of a nation as well. Without the children’s presence, the Earth and its people would have forgotten how to lead daily life with innocence and enthusiasm.

Following are 10 slogans on Children’s Day:-

  1. Celebrate the image of God by celebrating the presence of children around you every day.
  2. Save the criticism for youth and elders; children need encouragement.
  3. Mold the children right today, and they will do the same with society tomorrow.
  4. Nurturing children is like the molding of clay, for they need love, care, and lots of play!
  5. Children are the building bricks of the future of a nation.
  6. A lot is done; still much is left; do not rest until every child gets the best!
  7. Good parenting is not a child’s play; however, it requires love, care, and a lot of attention all day.
  8. Children might forget what you said to them but always remember how you said it; hence treat them nicely.
  9. Strive to replace rags on the shoulder of children with bags full of books for school.
  10. Every one of us should make sure that no child goes to bed hungry.

Unique And Catchy Slogans on Children's Day

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