Slogans on Gandhi Jayanti | Unique and Catchy Slogans On Gandhi Jayanti

Slogans on Gandhi Jayanti: Indians celebrate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October every year, as Gandhi Jayanti. This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of one of the greatest and prominent freedom fighters of India.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, led the freedom struggle to its end until finally, India was free of colonial rule. Gandhi believed in concepts of non-violence and peaceful protests.

It is this non-violence concept that led to all Indians becoming a freedom fighter in directly or indirectly. Gandhiji was an ideal patriot, and he began the struggle towards free India. Even today, after so many years, what he did for the nation, is essential and relevant.

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Slogans On Gandhi Jayanti In English

On his birthday, 2nd October, we remember and admire the strength he had shown through policies of non-violence. We celebrate Gandhi Jayanti to honour the efforts of the ‘Father of the Nation’. People also referred to him as Bapuji.

Gandhiji was also highly praised for his work towards fighting for the rights of native Africans, while he was in South Africa. He was able to show the entire globe that all enemies, however strong, can be fought without the involvement of any violence or bloodshed. Therefore the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti is essential to educate the mass about the tireless efforts of Gandhiji.

Unique and Catchy Slogans On Gandhi Jayanti

Slogans are an effective way of reaching out to the mass and gaining their attention on a particular subject. Slogans are a catchy group of words and phrases that also serve the purpose of educating the public about issues. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in schools, local clubs and all over the nation. Hence you can use these slogans in creating awareness about the efforts and works of Mahatma Gandhi. These will help in paying tribute to the Father of the Nation.

Provided we all must know how important the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti is, here are some slogans to celebrate the principles and policies of Bapuji

  1. Let us all come together, unite and celebrate the birth of Mahatma.
  2. The Father of the Nation was always in action, that’s why we have a free nation.
  3. It is because of Bapu’s freedom movements that we enjoy the happy moments today.
  4. On the special occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, let us vow to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi.
  5. A tribute to the man who took over the hearts of countless people through his significant beliefs of Ahimsa.
  6. The Father of the Nation died, but his policies and thoughts will be immortal
  7. Even though our beloved Mahatma Gandhi is not here today, it is upon us, his children, to preserve his thoughts and policies.
  8. What we learn from Bapuji’s Ahimsa policy is that mental strength is far superior to physical strength.
  9. Mahatma Gandhi, the man who never preached policies of the fight, but his policies of Ahimsa were always right.
  10. If we don’t remember what beloved Gandhiji did for us, we don’t deserve the freedom he brought for us.

Unique And Catchy Slogans on Gandhi Jayanti

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