Sony prepares to launch new version of PlayStation Store

In anticipation of the arrival of the PlayStation 5, Sony is preparing to launch a new version of its online store, the PlayStation Store, both on the web and in a version for smartphones. However, this advancement is bad news for those who have the company’s current console, the PlayStation 4, or older models.

Sony’s new store details

According to the PushSquare website, the new store will no longer offer the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita content handheld. This does not mean the end of support for these consoles: users will still be able to purchase games for them using the store’s version built into their respective operating systems. They just won’t be able to do that on the web or on their phones.

Apps, themes, and avatars for PlayStation 4 will also be removed from the new store. And the contents of your wish list will be deleted. So, it’s best to download those games you’ve been eyeing for a long time or write the list down somewhere. The changes were communicated to developers by Sony itself, but there is still no date for them to be implemented. But considering that the PS5 will be released in just over a month, on November 12, it shouldn’t be long.

One of the only things Sony has yet to reveal about the new PlayStation is the operating system interface. This week the company released a video where the head of industrial design for the console, Yasuhiro Ootori, disassembles the console step-by-step and shows the main components.

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The video shows a very modular design: the white panels can be removed without using tools. The base that holds the console upright is secured with just one screw. The optical drive (a Blu-Ray drive) and the power supply are also modular and easily removable. The processor uses an innovative system with a liquid metal to transfer heat to the huge heatsink. The 875 GB of internal storage is soldered on the motherboard. However, there is a slot for expansion using a PCIe 4.0 module.

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