Were You Injured in a Bus Accident?

Were You Injured in a Bus Accident?

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a bus as a bus passenger or another vehicle struck by a bus, you should call the bus accident lawyers at Munle Law. Our bus injury lawyers have extensive experience in bus accident cases and have fought against some of the largest bus companies in the country, including Greyhound.

Bus accident cases are different from regular car accidents, and should only be handled by a law firm experienced in handling cases against commercial transportation companies, municipal bus lines, and common carriers.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a bus accident, our legal team can help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life. We represent bus passengers as well as drivers of other vehicles, pedestrians or bicyclists who have been hit by a bus. Consultations are free, and there is no charge for our services until we win your case.

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Causes of Bus Accidents

Valid large bus accidents and bus rollovers are caused by negligence on the part of the bus driver or bus company. Examples of These Coins Insalode:

Driver Fatigue: Like truck drivers, bus drivers tend to drive long distances without taking many breaks. This can be extremely tiring, especially if it is late in the day. Driving while tired is similar to driving under the influence of alcohol; Your reaction time slows down and your focus decreases. It becomes easy to miss something important like an animal running across the road or a sudden change in traffic. Drowsy drivers can drive over center lines and into oncoming motorists or fail to stop for pedestrians to cross.

Distracted driving: It happens to everyone, even those who drive for a living. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, taking your eyes off the road for five seconds while going 55 mph is equivalent to driving across a football field without looking. Whether you’re on a busy highway or on a city street, a moment of inattention can be fatal.

Bus driver error: If the bus driver is inexperienced or has received poor training from the busing company, mistakes can occur. It could be something simple like getting too close to the sidewalk while picking up passengers or it could be something more deadly. Poor training and lack of experience can easily become a major issue for all involved.

Aggressive driving or speeding: Bus drivers have to keep a specific schedule. But when problems arise, such as traffic or problems with passengers, the driver can easily fall behind schedule. This can result in dangerous and careless driving. This not only endangers the lives of bus passengers but also poses a huge risk to anyone driving on the road.
Drunk Driving: Driving under the influence is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous. It can impair your judgment, affect your muscle coordination and cloud your reasoning. All these features are essential while driving. Bus drivers are tasked with delivering their passengers safely to their destinations while also maintaining the safety of the people driving. Drivers who fail to do their duty by driving while intoxicated should be held accountable.
Bus mechanical failure: It is the responsibility of the bus company to maintain its vehicles well. But often, routine maintenance is easily overlooked. This can result in flat tires, bad brakes, engine failure and many other problems that can easily be detected with a regular check-up. Sometimes, it could be a manufacturing defect in the vehicle itself.

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