World Post Day 2020: History, importance and why we celebrate this day on October 9

World Post Day is observed on October 9 every year in remembrance of the establishment of Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. This day was declared as the World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969.

The postal method is known as the oldest mode of communication. The mail career services have been existing for a very long time and even though we are accessible to the new modes of communication, this throwback to communication method makes people pump up as it reminds us of the time when people used to exchange old fashioned letters.

When is World Post Day 2020?

The World Post is celebrated on October 9 every year. This date is marked as the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874.

World Post Day 2020 History and Significance:

The history of World Post Day dates back to 1840. In England, Sir Rowland Hill came up with a system by which postage on letters had to be prepaid. He also said that the same rates will be charged for all letters with a certain range of weight in the domestic service, irrespective of the distance travelled. He also introduced the world’s first postage stamp.

However, in 1863, United States Postmaster General Montgomery Blair organised a conference in Paris in which the delegates from 15 European and American countries were invited and they interacted to lay down numerous general principles for mutual agreements. The demerit of this meet was that nothing was established for international postal agreement.

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In Bern (1874), Heinrich von Stephan, a senior postal official from the North German Confederation, formulated a plan for an international postal union. Based on his suggestion, the Swiss Government conducted an international conference in Bern on 15 September 1874, which was attended by 22 nations by their representatives.

On 9 October of the same year, World Post Day was started, by establishing the General Postal Union. In 1878, its name was changed to the Universal Postal Union. The Treaty of Bern signed in 1874, succeeded in streamlining the international postal services and regulations into a single postal territory for the transactions and exchange of letters.

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Happy World Post Day 2020: Wishes, messages, greetings, quotes, SMS,..

How the day is celebrated?

This year the celebration of World Post Day will take place virtually. The Universal Postal Union shared the information on Twitter and wrote, “#SaveTheDate: Join the virtual celebration of World Post Day on 9 Oct 2020! We invite everyone to watch the ceremony at 10:30 am CET

Adding to the information they also shared a post in which they wrote that, “#DYK: 10-14 Oct 2020, #IranPost will host a #photo exhibition of vintage #postal photos in Post & #Communications Museum of #Iran on the occasion of #WorldPostDay”

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